Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rock Painting Tips for Beginners

Where to Find Rocks

For many of us, rocks are plentiful in our environment and free for the taking. If you have difficulty finding stones to paint, you can:

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Stones purchased from Home Depot

I do not condone removing rocks from government lands or parks or a residence or business which has been landscaped with rocks. 

How to Prepare Rocks and Stones for Painting

You will need to clean and (in some cases) prime your rocks prior to painting. Read more about this tip.

Learn how to prepare stones for painting
How to Make Stones Stand Upright

If your rock is wobbly and you would like it to stand upright, read this tip for adding a base.

Learn how to add a base to stones
What Are the Best Brushes for Rock Painting?

You can use any brush to paint rocks (and I have many) but I keep returning to the same three brushes. Learn about my favorite brushes.

Learn about my favorite brushes
What Type of Paint is Best for Rocks and Stones?

Acrylic paint and craft acrylic both work well on rocks. The difference between them is the craft acrylic is thinner and more paint applications may be necessary. Learn about specialty paints you can also use on rocks.

Learn about specialty paints for rocks
Can I Use Sharpies on Painted Rocks?

Regular Sharpie markers smear and change color when a sealer is applied. Learn about paint pens suitable for rocks.

Learn more about these paint pens

How to Correct Mistakes on Painted Rocks

Learn how to fix a mistake while painting a rock and after it's finished (but before it's been sealed).

Learn how to fix mistakes on painted rocks

How to Seal and Protect Painted Rocks

Painted rocks beg to be picked up and admired and by applying a sealant, the colors remain true and the life of the painted rock is extended.  

How to Display Painted Rocks - Store-Bought and DIY Solutions

You can display painted rocks by using wooden, metal and plastic display easels, a plate stand, or DIY stand made from drapery slip-on hooks. Learn how to make your own display stand and see other options here.  

Optional Household Items

Can't Draw? No Problem
Create colorful painted stones with this no-draw technique.

Learn how to paint these stones - no drawing required

You  can trace a pattern onto a rock and paint it.

Learn how to trace a pattern onto a rock
Where to Find Rock Painting Ideas
Note: When you click on certain links in this post, I may receive a commission for the purchase of products.
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

My Favorite Tools and Supplies

I use these tools and supplies regularly to paint rocks and recommend them. (I may receive a commission for the purchase of products when you click on certain links in this post.)

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Website for Everything Cindy Painted Rocks

It occurred to me I needed a "hub" to make it easier for you to quickly find my rock painting information.

So, I created...

From this "hub" site you can easily get to my:
  • Rock painting blog where I share rock painting tips, ideas, and inspiration
  • Facebook page where you can see my current painted rock projects and interact with myself and others in "real time"
  • Pinterest boards where I collect rock painting ideas and share rocks painted by myself and others
  • Flikr gallery where I regularly add photos of the rocks I've painted
  • He is my Rock where you can learn about the unique nativity sets, scenes and figures I paint on rocks and stones
  • Online store where you can purchase my hand-painted rocks and stones

Go to and bookmark the site so you can quickly and easily:
  • Find new rock painting ideas and inspiration
  • Read more about me and how rock painting has changed my life and affects me daily
  • Contact me
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