Monday, February 13, 2012

Rock Painting Ideas and Patterns Can be Changed Easily to Create Unique Pieces

What I enjoy about rock painting is that one rock painting idea or pattern can create many unique painted rock objects by changing up the paint colors and a few design elements.

Recently, I came across a  Baby Bluebird of Happiness rock painting pattern and painted this baby bluebird.

painted rocks, critters, birds, bluebird, rock painting, Cindy Thomas
Painted Rock Baby Bluebird of Happiness

Next, I hand painted two more baby bluebird rocks. By painting the birds with larger mouths and placing them in a basket, I now had a set of Hungry Baby Bluebirds of Happiness.

bluebirds, painted rocks, basket, rock painting, Cindy Thomas
Painted Rocks - Hungry Baby Bluebirds of Happiness

I then painted another variation from the same rock painting pattern using the colors of robins, and placed them in a twig basket with moss.

robins, basket, rock painting, painted rocks, Cindy Thomas
Robins in a Basket Painted Rocks

Yet another variation of baby bird rocks was hand painted using shades of tan. I placed these painted baby bird rocks into a green basket.

birds, basket, painted rocks, rock painting, Cindy Thomas
Tan Hungry Birds Painted Rocks 

In the photo below, you can see how one rock painting pattern and idea produced several unique, painted rock sets by: 
  • Using differently-shaped rocks
  • Changing the paint colors   
  • Varying the design for mouth shapes
  • Adding interest with baskets. 

Baby bird rock painting ideas are endless thanks to a simple rock painting pattern, nature, and the inspiration that is all around me.

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