Thursday, June 12, 2014

Where Can I Find Rocks for Painting?

Here's a solution if you live in an area where rocks are difficult to find or you don't have access to the type of stones found near a beach.

Check out your local home improvement store and/or it's website, especially during the summer months when landscaping and gardening projects are in full swing.

You'll want to search for any of these terms: pebbles, river rocks, landscaping rocks

I purchased two bags of smooth, white beach pebbles (small and large) through the Home Depot website. To save on shipping, the stones were sent to my local store where I picked them up.

Small Caribbean Beach Pebbles

Large Caribbean Beach Pebbles

Of the small- and large-sized beach pebbles, I found the shapes of the small rocks to be better suited for most rock painting projects. 
Here's how I painted some of the beach pebbles purchased at Home Depot.

The design is painted directly onto the cleaned and dried white, beach pebble. (I did not prime the stones before painting these butterflies and owls.) The stones were sealed after painting to protect and preserve the design.

  • You may also find rocks, stones and pebbles at landscaping supply stores and/or Walmart
  • Stay away from polished stones for painted rocks. They are too slick for the paint to adhere and/or remain on the stone
  • Wash your stones with a little dish detergent and allow to dry completely before painting. (The white beach pebbles shown here were chalky until I washed them.)
  • For brighter colors, you can prime the stones with white acrylic paint
  • Be careful where you pick up rocks and stones. Public lands, state parks, federal lands prohibit the removal of natural material
  • Enlist the help of friends and relatives
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  1. Is there any further reading you would recommend on this?

    Northampton landscaping supplies

    1. I did write another blog post about enlisting the help of friends to find rocks, Amela. Here's the link:

      Or do you mean further reading about rock painting in general?

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Laurie. I never counted how many rocks were in my bags, but according to questions asked & answered on the Home Depot web page, there are 65-80 rocks in the bag of Small Caribbean Beach Pebbles and 35-40 in the bag of Large Caribbean Beach Pebbles.