Saturday, December 29, 2012

How to Make Paint Palettes Using Everyday Household Items

Here's how to easily make paint palettes from items you use every day around the house. And you're reusing an item that was headed for the trash anyway.

Use plastic lids from margarine tubs, yogurt cups, coffee cans, etc.

rock painting, palette, idea, DIY
Lid from a 32 ounce yogurt container

Use plastic bottles - any size works. In some cases this may not be cost-free, as you're losing the bottle deposit. I used a 2-liter seltzer bottle.

2-Liter Seltzer Bottle

Cut the bottom off the plastic bottle. (I was able to use regular scissors to cut around the bottom of my seltzer bottle.)

You now have a paint palette which is best for using individual colors without mixing. This works especially well when painting with children.

rock painting, idea, palette, soda bottle, DIY
Soda Bottle Paint Palette

I drink more water than soda and found my favorite palette is made from plastic 1-gallon water jugs.

Plastic 1-Gallon Water Jug

Similar to the soda bottle, just cut the bottom off the jug.

I love these paint palettes made from plastic water jugs because the colors can be mixed yet there's a divider if you want to keep them separated.

rock painting, idea, palette, water jug
Water Jug Paint Palette - My Favorite

If you have ideas for other inexpensive, DIY paint palettes, please leave a comment.

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  1. I use the styrofoam bottom that is used to soak up the excess blood from various meats. 1 to 2 pounds size work the best. I've used the large ones that chicken breasts come in; those are good for when you're mixing a lot. Anyway, hope this helps.

    1. That IS a great idea for a palette! Thanks for sharing it.

    2. A styrofoam egg carton is a great idea for a paint palette!

  2. I like to use an ice cube tray.

    1. That's an excellent palette idea, Lindsay! Thanks for sharing.