Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Before and After Painted Rocks: Christmas Holiday

Now is the time to put Christmas decorations away until next year.

Flip a triangular or heart-shaped stone upside down and it's the perfect shape for Santa's hat and beard.

A kidney-shaped stone worked well for painting Father Christmas.

Rectangular, flat stones were used for each of these Nutcrackers.

A triangular-shaped stone was perfect for a kitty in a Santa hat...

...and a puppy in a Santa hat too.

A round piece of slate and a small, oval stone were glued together to create a melting snowman.

Learn How to Make a Melting Snowman with Painted Rocks

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Holiday Painted Rocks Projects

Are you stumped and don't know what to gift a friend who has everything? How about a rock hand painted by you?

Are you looking for projects to keep the children busy during their break from school? How about an afternoon of painting rocks?

My gift to you is four holiday rock painting projects which are easy and fun for all ages to make, give and receive.

* * * * *

Sweet, Simple Gifts - No-Fat Rock Candy

Painted rock candies are a sweet gift to have on hand around the holidays and very easy to paint.

Learn How to Paint Rock Candy

 * * * * *

How to Paint a Santa Hat on Rocks and Stones

Painted Santa hat rocks make cute DIY Christmas gifts which are easy enough for children to paint and fun for all ages to give and receive.

Learn How to Paint a Rock Santa Hat

* * * * *

How to Make a Melting Snowman with Painted Rocks

"Build" this snowman in the warmth of your home instead of braving the cold, frosty outdoors.

Learn How to Paint a Melting Snowman on Rocks

* * * * *

How to Make Christmas Trees with Pine Cones and Painted Stones

Collect a few pine cones and use them with small, painted rocks to create a Christmas tree. 

Learn How to Paint a Pine Cone/Stone Christmas Tree

* * * * *

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

© Cindy Thomas Painted Rocks