Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What's the Best Drapery Hook to Use for a Painted Rock Display Stand?

I have tried 3 types (brands) of slip-in drapery hooks and learned they are not created equal when it comes to shaping them into stands for painted rocks.

The slip-in hooks are described below in the order of my preference.

The most expensive set was $3.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond for 14 Slip-In Hooks...

...and it was the easiest to shape into a good-looking stand for a painted rock.

Painted Rock Display Stand Using Bed Bath & Beyond Slip-In Drapery Hook

The medium-priced set was $2.49 at Hobby Lobby for 14 Pleater Hooks. (Four hooks were end hooks and could not be used as stands.)

It took a little more time to create a stand because of the 4 "legs" but it was fairly easy to bend and shape into a nice looking painted rock display stand.

Painted Rock Display Stand Using Hobby Lobby Pleater Hook

The lowest-priced set was $1.97 at Lowe's for 14 Slip-In Curtain Hooks. 

The piece used as a back support (soldered to the "legs") would snap off if I was not careful. 

The metal was thicker and harder to bend (even with pliers) and it was difficult to shape the hook into an acceptable-looking stand. 

Painted Rock Display Stand Using Lowe's Slip-In Curtain Hook

I am sure each type of slip-in hook works well for hanging curtains and drapes but for display stands, my preference is the Bed Bath & Beyond or the Hobby Lobby hooks.

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