Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How I Fixed Two Stones Ruined by a Spray-On Sealer

Supplies I Used to Repair These Two Ruined Stones

When art pens or Sharpies are used on a rock, care must be taken when applying a sealer because the pens tend to blur or fade.

Applying thin coats of a spray sealer is usually effective in protecting the painted rock unless your spray sealer happens to drip as you're spraying. (This is the first time it has happened to me and may have occurred because I did not clean the nozzle after prior use.)

Here's what happened and how I fixed the stones.

I created these stones using acrylic paint for the colorful background and Pro Art pens for the mandala design.

I was sealing the stones using my preferred method and sealer, and the can's nozzle dripped while I was spraying thin coats onto the rocks. (The green stone survived but the design on the orange and blue stones blurred.)

Two of Three Stones Blurred by a Spray-On Sealer

Close-Up of a Design Blurred by Spray-On Sealer

My first thought was "Oh, no. I have to repaint the entire stone." But after mulling it over for a few days, I decided to "mend" the error and try another sealer recently suggested to me.

The first step was to paint over the blurred portions of the stones using my tiny nail art brush.

After the blurry, colored portion of the stone was repainted and dry, I re-drew the ruined mandala section with the Pro Art pen.

I didn't want to chance using the same spray sealer. Instead, I grabbed some clear nail top coat and brushed it over the stone. And the clear nail top coat didn't smear the design!

The Blue & Orange Stones Repaired and Sealed with Clear Top Coat for Nails
In the photo above, the green stone has the matte spray sealer and the blue and orange were sealed with the clear nail top coat. 

What I learned from this experience.
  • Clear top coat for nails is a suitable sealer for smaller rocks where a pen has been used.
  • Clean the nozzle on the spray sealer (per the can's instructions) otherwise it may drip and ruin the art.

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