Monday, July 29, 2013

Rock Painting Technique: Pattern Tracing

No drawing skills? No problem. You can trace a pattern onto a rock and paint it.


Find a rock with a smooth and/or flat surface. A rock with lots of pits or angles will be difficult to transfer a pattern onto.

Even though this rock has pits, the pattern transferred nicely because of it's flat surface.

Find a photo or pattern you'd like to paint on your rock. If the photo or pattern is larger or smaller than your rock, that's OK.

This pattern was taken from "Stained Glass in an Afternoon" by Vicki Payne

Measure the width and height of your rock. You'll need the dimensions to adjust your pattern so it fits nicely on your rock.

Copy OR scan your pattern so your original is not damaged. 
  • If you copy your pattern on the printer, you'll need to play with reducing or enlarging the image so it will fit nicely on your stone
  • If you scan the image, you can insert it into a drawing program and resize the image using the rock's measurements to find a good fit, then print the page

Place a sheet of graphite transfer paper on top of your rock with the waxy side down. (If your rock is dark colored, you'll use white graphite paper. If your rock is light colored, you'll use gray or black graphite paper.)

Place your pattern (face up) over the graphite paper. You can use masking tape to secure the pattern and graphite paper to the rock so it doesn't slip while you're tracing the image.

Trace around all the lines of your image using a stylus or pencil.

Remove the pattern and graphite paper and paint your rock.

Pattern transferred onto the rock

The rock after it was painted and sealed

I used a stained glass pattern for this painted rock but you can use photos and other patterns just as easily. (Remember to copy or scan them first so the original isn't damaged.)

© Cindy Thomas Painted Rocks 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Rock Painting Ideas: Houses and Buildings

I've enjoyed painting houses and buildings on rocks and stones.

I'm always looking for new ways to paint and embellish rock buildings and have a new Pinterest board: Ideas: Houses Painted Rocks.

The next time I paint a stone cottage or other building, my Pinterest board will be a reference for different colors, doors & window styles, cute embellishments, etc. 

For instance, here's a cute idea for a gnome home window.

Visit my Pinterest Rock Painting Ideas and Helps board to get inspiration for other painted rocks projects.

© Cindy Thomas Painted Rocks

Monday, July 8, 2013

Painting Rocks: How to Create a Stained Glass Effect with Glue and Paint

I tried this black glue painting technique on stones and rocks to create a stained-glass effect.

I had loads of fun with this easy project which is great for kids. They can easily draw their own design and paint within the lines.
Stained glass effect using "black glue"

  • White school glue (e.g, Elmer's); 1/2 bottle
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Flat stone
  • Paint colors of your choice


  • Mix 2 squirts black paint into 1/2 bottle of white glue. (I used the end of an old paint brush to mix the glue and paint right in the bottle)
  • Draw your design on the stone with a pencil first
  • Trace over your pencil design by squeezing the black glue bottle (see Tips)
  • Let the black glue dry completely (several hours is best) before painting the sections
  • Paint each section. It will be easy to stay within the lines with the black glue border 
  • Finish with a gloss sealer
  • It's important to use this technique on a flat stone otherwise the glue will drip down the sides
  • After drawing your design with pencil, fill it in with white paint and your paint colors will be brighter
  • If you mess up while tracing your design with the black glue, just wipe it off before it dries
  • You can also correct and erase black glue mistakes by using a toothpick or paper clip to scrape off or re-shape the line when the glue is semi-dry
  • Two or more coats of paint may be necessary, especially if you didn't use white as a base coat  


Look what you can paint on stones using the black glue technique

Black Glue Stone Heart Cheat Sheet

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