Saturday, May 12, 2012

An Alphabet Rock Painting Project for Kids

Summer vacation is just around the corner and to brighten up their summer days, read about a fun, simple, educational rock painting project for your kids posted by Jodi Kahn on May, 2, 2012 at

Some additional ideas inspired by Jodi's post for this alphabet painted rocks project are:
  • Children can paint the alphabet freehand or get a little help with stencils or stickers.

  • Ask the children to search for and collect 26 small, smooth stones while they're at the playground, grandma's, in the backyard, etc. but don't tell them why they're collecting the stones. Once they have enough rocks for each letter of the alphabet, bring out the paint, explain the project, and let them get creative

If you or the kids need additional inspiration, I recommend Lettering in Crazy, Cool, Quirky Style. 

Not only is this book useful for painting alphabet rocks during the summer, but when school starts again, your child can give their reports a distinctive appearance using the tools and ideas in this lettering kit. This book also includes: 5 plastic stencil pages, 8 colored pencils with double-points (16 colors!), 4 marker pens, 1 mechanical pencil, 50 sheets of practice paper, 2 sheets of sticker paper, pencil sharpener, an eraser, and a reusable pencil pouch.

Summertime is for fun and learning can be fun when combined with art and nature.

    Wednesday, May 2, 2012

    Elements and Principles of Art Helpful with Rock Painting

    This PowerPoint presentation gives a basic, illustrated explanation of various art principles some of which are applicable to rock painting.

    The art elements simply covered in this handy reference guide are: line, color, value, shape, form, space, texture, balance, emphasis, contrast, rhythm & movement, pattern & repetition, unity, variety, and proportion.