Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Do You Need a Garden Decor Idea? Paint a Year-Round, Reversible Address Stone

Warm-weather address stone

Flowers painted on a concrete wall block are eye-catching during Spring and Summer.

Problem: this flowery address marker looks very out of place during cold, winter months. 

Solution: a reversible year-round address stone.

Reversible address stone suitable for both warm and cold months

I did not want to limit myself to a Christmas side for Winter. So, I painted one long and short side (and half the top) with green leaves; the other long and short side (and top half) are painted with holly leaves and berries.

For this project I used "yard and garden" acrylic paint specially formulated for outdoors. 

To seal the concrete wall block, I tried Outdoor Mod Podge for the first time. (I found the Mod Podge to be tacky and used a polyurethane sealer over the Mod Podge.)

  • Think about where the address marker will be placed. This will help you decide how much of the design should be painted on the short sides and top (see photo below)
  • Be very careful when lifting/moving the concrete block - it will weigh approximately 20 pounds
  • Priming the concrete wall block first with a product like Kilz helps the paint go on smoother 
  • I sat the concrete block on an upended plastic kitty litter container while painting (see photo below)

  • Paint one side with Autumn leaves and the other with poinsettias
  • Paint a holiday theme on one or both sides
  • Instead of painting house numbers, attach some purchased at a home improvement store
  • Instead of a concrete wall block, use a large rock that stands upright

Two concrete address markers - One is reversible

Why not welcome your guests with a personalized address stone suitable for display year round. 

© Cindy Thomas Painted Rocks

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