Monday, June 3, 2013

How to Make Photo Holders with Stones and Binder Clips

Don't know what to do with small polished stones and/or painted rocks laying around the house? 

Here's a super easy idea for one-of-a-kind photo holders using stones.

These DIY photo holders would make sweet and simple gifts for children to create and give to friends, grandparents, teachers, etc.

Supplies you'll need:
  • Large (2-inch) binder clips
  • Self-stick magnetic strips
  • Stone(s) - painted or unpainted
Two-inch binder clip - self-stick magnets - painted/unpainted stones

The Process
  • Cut magnet strips to fit the back of the stone(s)
  • Attach to stone(s)
  • Place magnetized stone(s) on bottom of binder clip 

  • Make sure the stones aren't too heavy or your clip will tip
  • Magnetic strips allow you to re-arrange and switch out the rocks as you desire
  • For permanent stone photo holder, glue the rocks to the binder clip
  • Use care when doing this project with children - binder clips can pinch their little fingers

  • If you don't want the black binder clip to show, cover with contact paper
Contact paper covers black binder clip
  • Use colored binder clips instead of black
  • Use for reminder note or recipe card holder
  • Use scrapbooking accessories to further embellish the stone binder clip photo holder

Stone binder clip photo holders are a simple way to show off your small painted rock creations as well as display your photos.

© Cindy Thomas Painted Rocks

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