Saturday, November 10, 2012

Unique Display Idea for Painted Rock Nativity Sets - A Red Charger Plate

Are you looking for a simple, economical way to display your painted rock nativity set for the holidays? 

This idea couldn't be simpler and, unlike traditional nativity stables, it's easily moved from a coffee table to a dining table.

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Supplies Needed:

I used a shiny, red, plastic (Melamine) charger plate. Plastic is a perfect choice for use with painted rocks to lessen any chance of plate breakage.

A shiny, red, plastic, charger plate

Tip: You can find inexpensive charger plates at thrift stores and dollar discount stores. Silver, gold, and green are good color choices also.

Place your painted rock nativity set on the plate and arrange the greenery of your choice around the nativity scene figures.

painted rocks, nativity scene figures, unique nativity sets, Cindy Thomas
A pretty way to display your painted rock nativity set
Tip: If you have holiday floral decorations that have seen better days, remove a few of the nicer pieces and use them for your nativity set plate display. 

There you go - a simple, unique, festive, inexpensive idea for displaying painted rock nativity sets.

Display the nativity in a way which is uniquely you depending on the plate and greenery you select. 

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