Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Glass Gems and Charger Plate Nativity Set Display Idea

This is another simple solution for a Christmas holiday nativity display.

Use glass vase gems with a charger plate...

...and a painted rock nativity set.

unique nativity sets, nativity scene figures, painted rocks, Cindy Thomas

  1. Position the Mary and Joseph nativity scene figures on an empty charger plate
  2. Scatter the glass gems around Mary and Joseph
  3. Set the Baby Jesus painted rock on top of the glass gems

painted rocks, unique nativity sets, display, charger plate, Cindy Thomas

  • Glass vase gems can be found in the floral department of craft stores, some dollar discount stores, online, etc.
  • Glass vase gems are available in many different colors which you can coordinate with your nativity set and plate
  • You can find charger plates online, at department stores and sometimes at thrift and dollar stores
  • Gold, green, silver and red charger plates work well for Christmas holiday displays 

You can see an idea using a charger plate with fake greenery instead of glass gems on this post

You can see an idea using a charger plate with polished stones on this post

Create your own customized nativity scene display with any of these easy ideas.

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