Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How to Make Painted Stones and Pine Cones Critters

Create cute, whimsical critters using pine cones and painted stones.

Pine Cones and Stones Painted Critters

For the little owl below, I painted two round, smooth stones with orange, white and black acrylic for eyes and attached them with white glue to the pine cone. I painted the pine cone scale yellow for his beak.

For the little bird below, I painted two round stones with yellow and black for eyes and a triangular stone orange for the beak and attached them with white glue to the pine cone. Adding wispy feathers over the painted stone eyes added that something extra to give the critter a whimsical appearance.

  • ALWAYS keep small stones away from young children. They are a choking hazard!
  • How to clean and preserve pine cones
  • Test the stone placement on different sides of the pine cone. Some sides work better than others
  • Lids from containers can be used as a base to keep the pine cone and stone critters upright

  • Cut out felt or craft foam pieces for feathers, wings, feet, etc.
  • Instead of painted rocks, use googly eyes from the craft store.
  • Use a pipe cleaner for feet.

Start collecting pine cones and small stones to make your own cute critters - anything goes, not just birds. It's a fun project for both children and adults.

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