Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How to Paint Simple, Two-Sided Critters on Stones

You can easily paint front/back and top/bottom critters on stones.

  • 3-inch, oval or round, flat stones
  • Animal patterns
  • graphite tracing paper
  • acrylic paints
  • sealer (optional)

How To

I found front/back and top/bottom animal patterns on this website and printed them out. The original size was perfect for tracing onto flat stones measuring approximately 3 inches. Tip: the front/back patterns are the easiest to start with.

I used this pattern tracing technique to transfer the animal pattern onto each side of a stone, then painted it. (You can also draw the animals instead of tracing them.)

Optional: As a final touch, you can add a sealer, either to the whole stone or just the painted portion, to extend the life of your painted creation.

These two-sided critter stones are a fun way to teach children the concepts of top/bottom and front/back.

© Cindy Thomas Painted Rocks

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