Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Paintbrush Storage Idea Using a Universal Storage Block

I recently purchased a knife set (on clearance) which included a universal storage block. I threw the knives in a drawer and the storage block in a closet. Then I had an "aha moment."

My new knife set with universal storage block

Perhaps the storage block would hold my paintbrushes?

This is how my paintbrushes were being stored. It was working fine except sometimes the plastic jar tipped and other times I had to search through the brushes to find the one I wanted to use.

How I previously stored my paintbrushes

The knife set's universal storage block consisted of a blue, plastic cup and a removable "rod" insert.

Universal storage block with removable insert

I decided to use the insert and cup as separate pieces. The rod insert could hold my smaller, thinner brushes and the blue cup would be used for the taller paintbrushes and those I liked to keep in their packaging. (If space is limited the rod insert could be used inside the cup, the way it was intended.)

My paintbrush holders using the knife set's universal storage block

Here's a closeup of the "rod" insert.

"Rod" insert closeup

For now the rod insert is holding it's shape. However, if it starts to spread, I'll just put it back inside the cup and the large brushes will just have to go back into their old container.

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