Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sweet, Simple Gifts - No-Fat Rock Candies

Painted rock candies are a sweet gift to have on hand around the holidays and very easy to paint.

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Quick How-To Lesson for Painting Chocolate Candy Rocks

  • Small, round stones make the best rock candies.
  • Paint one (or both) sides of each stone with a milk, dark, or white chocolate acrylic paint color. For the majority of these stones I used burnt umber acrylic paint. The light one is painted with buttermilk acrylic and for the shiny stone on the lower right I used brown fabric paint. 
  • If you have stones that are naturally chocolate-colored, you don't need to paint them. FYI: The stone on the upper right is unpainted.

painted rocks, stones, acrylic paint, chocolate, candy
Paint the stones with chocolate-colored acrylics

  • You can start decorating the stones now or you can add a little shading around the sides of each stone by mixing the brown paint with a little black (or brown with the buttermilk color).
  • An internet search for chocolate candy images will give you ideas for how to decorate your candies
  • I made this tool for applying the little dots on the stones

painted rocks, tool, DIY, dotting, pencil, pin,
DIY Dotting Tool

  • Now use your imagination - dots, swirls, lines, squiggles, a combination of designs - anything goes.
  • 3-D Fabric paint is what gives the designs dimension and realism. I used white, butterscotch and brown fabric paint
  • You may want to practice using the 3-D fabric paint before applying it to the stones.

painted rocks, stones, candy, chocolate, designs, Cindy Thomas
Add designs to the chocolate-colored stones

The painted rock candies will look even more realistic if you display them in a festive holiday dish...

painted rocks, candy, chocolate, festive, bowl, Cindy Thomas

...or a bowl.

painted rocks, chocolate, candy, bowl, Cindy Thomas

A few more gift-giving ideas: 
  • Adorn wrapped packages with a candy or two
  • Gift a few individual candies
  • Place a few rock candies in a Christmas stocking
  • Attach a ribbon to make a Christmas ornament
  • Create a unique and/or personalized gift by packaging the candies in a dish, bowl, mug, etc.
  • Painted rock candies make great gifts for Valentine's Day too.

Please, please, please remember to keep these candies away from young children. They can be very tempting and dangerous if ANYONE attempts to eat them.

Note: This idea was adapted from and inspired by Suzi Chua.

© Cindy Thomas Painted Rocks

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