Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rock Painting Ideas Are All Around Us

Ideas and inspiration for painting rocks can be found in unexpected places.

Recently I took a day trip to Colorado Springs and while window shopping came across a shop which featured Mexican art crafts.

Bear Cave Imports, Colorado Springs, CO

The bright colors of the painted ceramic animals, pottery, wall hangings, dishes, light fixtures and tiles spoke to my artist's heart and drew me into the store. Inspiration called to me from every direction.

I want to paint a simple sun/moon face on either a rock or round pavestone and I found this hand-painted tile I could use for inspiration.

My inspiration for painting a sun/moon face

After purchasing my single tile, I realized Mexican ceramics would be a helpful resource for new color combinations and painting ideas because I love bright colors.

If you're unable to visit a Mexican pottery store in person, Talavera Ceramics is a great website for inspiration. I especially like the Tiles and Animals & Suns pages.

Talavera Ceramics

You can also click here to see more brightly colored Mexican hand-painted ceramics to use for rock painting ideas and inspiration.

If you keep your artist's eyes open to what speaks to your heart, ideas for painted rocks can be found all around you.

© Cindy Thomas Painted Rocks

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