Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What Can I Do with a Stony Face Painted on Rocks?

Once you paint a Stony Face on rocks, you'll find many ways to have fun with him (or her). Here's one example.

We all have refrigerators and many of us use refrigerator magnets. Parents love to showcase their child's artwork on the fridge. Children love to do craft projects that they can proudly display.

A painted rock Stony Face can become refrigerator magnets. Eyes up, eyes down, eyes crossed. You and/or your children can express yourself on a refrigerator's canvas by rearranging the eye, nose and mouth features of the Stony Face.

Stony Faces on Refrigerators
Need guidance on How to Paint Stony Face on Rocks? There's a PDF version and a Kindle eBook version that instruct and illustrate how four basic eye and mouth patterns enable you to make over 100 facial combinations to have fun with.

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