Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rock Painting Tip: How to Test Your Design Before Painting It on a Rock

I like to use a graphics painting program when I'm unsure how a design will fit onto a rock. 

First, I take a photo of my unpainted stone and upload it to the computer. (I planned to paint a cat on this stone but wasn't sure how to place the features.)

Next, I open the image in Microsoft Paint. (This is a simple graphics painting program included with Microsoft Windows.)

Tip: If you right-click on an image and choose "Edit" the image will automatically open in MS Paint.

I then use the brush feature to sketch a simple design onto the stone. 

I find it much easier to paint my rock once I've planned out the idea on the computer first. 

Painting a Ginger Tabby Cat

I use MS Paint for Windows 7, but any graphics painting program should work with this technique.

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