Monday, July 8, 2013

Painting Rocks: How to Create a Stained Glass Effect with Glue and Paint

I tried this black glue painting technique on stones and rocks to create a stained-glass effect.

I had loads of fun with this easy project which is great for kids. They can easily draw their own design and paint within the lines.
Stained glass effect using "black glue"

  • White school glue (e.g, Elmer's); 1/2 bottle
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Flat stone
  • Paint colors of your choice


  • Mix 2 squirts black paint into 1/2 bottle of white glue. (I used the end of an old paint brush to mix the glue and paint right in the bottle)
  • Draw your design on the stone with a pencil first
  • Trace over your pencil design by squeezing the black glue bottle (see Tips)
  • Let the black glue dry completely (several hours is best) before painting the sections
  • Paint each section. It will be easy to stay within the lines with the black glue border 
  • Finish with a gloss sealer
  • It's important to use this technique on a flat stone otherwise the glue will drip down the sides
  • After drawing your design with pencil, fill it in with white paint and your paint colors will be brighter
  • If you mess up while tracing your design with the black glue, just wipe it off before it dries
  • You can also correct and erase black glue mistakes by using a toothpick or paper clip to scrape off or re-shape the line when the glue is semi-dry
  • Two or more coats of paint may be necessary, especially if you didn't use white as a base coat  


Look what you can paint on stones using the black glue technique

Black Glue Stone Heart Cheat Sheet

© Cindy Thomas Painted Rocks

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