Thursday, February 21, 2013

Painted Rock Nativity Sets - Ready for Spring

The joy of Spring and Easter is in the air and I was drawn to the yummy, pastel acrylic hues of "Basil Green" and "Summer Peach" for my latest unique nativity sets painted on rocks.

"Basil Green" and "Summer Peach" Acrylic Paint Purchased at Hobby Lobby

I was anxious to try these beautiful colors, so I primed some stones and went to work painting them.

Primed stones awaiting pastel paint

Here are my two latest nativity set creations using "lightweight" colors rather than the blues and browns I normally paint with.

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Painted Rock Nativity Scene Figures Ready for Spring

Remember, painted rock nativity sets aren't just for Christmas. They can be displayed in unique ways year round as a piece of art.

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