Sunday, January 6, 2013

Easy, Year-Round Display for Painted Rock Nativity Sets

Christmas is over and you're saddened because the holiday decor is headed back to the closet.

Painted rock nativities can be left out year round because of their unique quality. It's more than a holiday decoration; it's a piece of art.

The easiest way to display your painted rock nativity set...

...simply place it in a bookcase or on a table.

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Painted Rock Nativity Set Displayed in a Bookcase

These medium-sized painted rock nativity scene figures fit nicely with the colorful vase and ornate picture frame. The paint colors of this particular nativity set also blend well with the vase and the encyclopedia.

Why not keep the spirit of Christmas alive all year long. 

Coming next: Natural display ideas for nativity sets painted on rocks.

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