Thursday, September 6, 2012

Painting Rocks - Gaining Confidence and Skill

Don't be discouraged if you're not happy with your results when using the free lessons and tutorials I've mentioned in my recent blog posts.

My early attempt at painting a rock rabbit

Confidence and practice go a long way in achieving great results with painted rocks.

To help gain confidence, 5 Top Tips for Building Your Artistic Self-Confidence by Neadeen Masters, states "New painters especially struggle with lack of self – confidence. You may feel colors are washed out, lines are crooked and your art might be worthless – all of the  hallmarks of negative thinking and an artist trying too hard and yet failing at it in a spectacular manner." Neadeen's blog post goes on to describe 5 confidence-building ways to see "life through the eye of an artist!"
  1. Doubts are to be expected
  2. Plan your painting day
  3. Be your own person
  4. Set daily goals
  5. Preparation

As for gaining skill, 5 Sure Ways To Hone Your Painting Craft by Neadeen Masters, states "The good news is that regardless of the stage your painting is at, or if your media is acrylic or oil or watercolour,  you can take some specific steps to develop your painting skills and reach certain goals." The five helpful ways to accomplish this described in Neadeen's blog post are:
  1. Challenge yourself
  2. Practice perfectly
  3. Get inspired
  4. Use better painting supplies
  5. Dream big but then take it one step at a time

I've discovered that drawing is foundational to painting and recommend "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards.

I'm currently working through this wonderful book and find the description - "Whether you are drawing as a professional artist, as an artist in training, or as a hobby, this book will give you greater confidence in your ability and deepen your artistic perception, as well as foster a new appreciation of the world around you." - to be true. After following only a few of the exercises, I was amazed at what I could draw once my right brain instead of the left took over. You'll be amazed at the results of the upside down drawing exercise.

Your painted rocks will rock once you gain confidence and practice, practice, practice.

© Cindy Thomas Painted Rocks

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