Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Making a Meal of Painted Rocks

Would you be tempted to eat these painted rocks?

A fun idea for painting rocks is the food category. If you stage your rocks as they'd normally appear, you add a little more realism. As you can see in the photos, certain shapes and sizes of rocks lend themselves well to a particular type of food. WARNING. Small painted food rocks could look real enough to eat so use common sense and care around young children or at-risk adults.

Sample Menu from Cindy's Painted Rocks Cafe


painted rocks, food, egg, rock painting
Sunny Side Up Painted Rock Egg


rock painting, food, painted rocks, sushi
Sushi Painted Rocks

Afternoon Snack

strawberries, painted rocks, food, rock painting
Strawberries Painted Rocks


food, painted rocks, rock painting, hamburger, pickle
Hamburger & Pickle Painted Rocks


candies, painted rocks, rock painting, food, stones
Chocolate Candies Painted Rocks

May I take your order?

© Cindy Thomas Painted Rocks


  1. i would love it if you joined my project
    it's a found art kind of project that i'm desperately trying to start...
    hope to see you there!

  2. Jenny the Artist

    I'd love to help with your project but I'm confused and don't understand what you want me to do.

  3. well I'm fascinated by the work you have done here. truly inspiring.
    Planning to have a girls night in with these designs!

    1. You're welcome, Anonymous, and your girls night in sounds like great fun! I'm glad you've been inspired to "cook up" some painted rocks.

  4. can I send you our designs when we have completed them?! That girls night in turned out to be longer than expected!! masterpieces take time!

    1. I'd love to see your masterpieces! Are you on Facebook? If so, share them to my page: