Monday, July 23, 2012

Rock Painting Ideas from the Pantry

Over the summer, my niece is caring for a hedgehog named Basil.

Basil the Hedgehog

I never thought much about hedgehogs but when I saw Basil's picture, I just had to paint her on a rock because she was such a cute, little critter.

However, the idea of painting all those quills seemed too time consuming. So, into the pantry I went where I found a package of wild rice that was the perfect substitute for a hedgehog's quills.

I implemented my idea by first painting Basil's face on the rock and applying brown paint to the rest of her body. I then liberally applied Mod Podge where I wanted the quills to be attached and submerged the rock into a bowl of raw, wild rice.

critters, painted rocks, hedgehog, rock painting, wild rice
Basil, the Painted Rock Hedgehog

It was necessary to revise my project idea slightly because I learned that Mod Podge is not the best glue for this project. (I had to go back and reattach some of the wild rice with Elmer's Glue.) Therefore, regular glue works best to attach the rice and Mod Podge is best used as a final sealer to further keep the "quills" in place.

My sister has since suggested using pine needles for the quills so they'll stick up more. Hmm... and I thought painting the quills was time consuming? I'll be experimenting with that idea.

All in all, I think Basil, the Painted Rock Hedgehog, is almost as cute a critter as the real thing.

© Cindy Thomas Painted Rocks

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