Monday, June 4, 2012

Add Whimsy to Your Garden with Painted Rock Critters

As quoted in The Denver Post, "Adding art to your garden is an extension of your identity," ... "You decorate the inside, why not the outside? Any personality, any hobby, can be represented - classical, funky, seasonal - you name it."

Rocks can be painted to achieve all of these garden art styles and more - whimsy, magic, personality, love of animals, seasonal, classical, funky, etc.

For instance, you can express your whimsical nature with a cute, painted rock critter that hides among the foliage and flowers.

Can you imagine a painted rock alligator's head peeking from underneath your garden foliage? Do you think it would attract attention to your garden and cause a closer look?

Take a peek at how an alligator's head painted on a rock added subtle whimsy to these gardens.

painted rocks critter alligator head garden art decor
What is this critter doing in my garden?
alligator head garden art decor painted rocks critter
Is this alligator alive?

painted rocks critter alligator head garden yart art decor
Are those day lilies growing out of that alligator rock?

garden yart art decor painted rocks critter alligator head
Can this alligator smell the roses (er, daisies)?

With a little acrylic paint and imagination, rocks can be transformed into garden art that's either fun & whimsical or beautiful & decorative. Painted rocks are always unique and one-of-a-kind because of shape, texture, and paint technique.

Why not forego cookie cutter, machine-made garden decor and try some painted rocks in your garden this year?

© Cindy Thomas Painted Rocks


  1. What do you use to glue the rocks together?

    1. That's an excellent question, Carol. For this alligator I used Velcro for the eyes so I can move them into different positions. When I want to glue rocks together permanently, I use E6000 glue which I purchased at my local Walmart.