Monday, January 30, 2012

Protecting & Shipping Painted Rocks

Today is National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

Bubble wrap is a wonderful invention that's very effective for protecting items from damage when they're shipped long distances. And we've all had the irresistible urge of popping a few bubbles once the package is opened.

Here's a tip when using bubble wrap to pack painted rocks for shipment. Be sure to wrap the painted rocks with parchment paper before cushioning with bubble wrap. Plastic may adhere to the surface of the painted rocks and damage the finish.

For smaller painted rocks, I use bubble mailers and always wrap the painted rock with parchment paper before placing it in the bubble mailer.

Don't pop your gift recipient's bubble with a damaged painted rock. Wrap it in a protective layer of paper first before cushioning with bubble wrap and shipping it.

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Note: This blog post was updated. I originally used tissue paper and plain newsprint to wrap the painted rocks before cushioning with bubble wrap. These papers adhere to the rock and are not suitable. I now use parchment paper to wrap painted rocks before shipping them.

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