Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Painted Rock Animals & Critters

They say a picture is worth is a thousand words and you can now see many of the painted rocks I've completed since 2007 gathered together in one place online.

Photos of my painted rocks have been organized into 5 categories and today I'll highlight the photo set with the largest collection of hand-painted river rocks I've completed.

Painted Rock Animals & Critters showcases the following animals and critters I've hand-painted on rocks and stones:
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Click here to see more of My Painted Rock Animals & Critters

  • Wild animals - brown bear, polar bear, walrus, chimpanzee 
  • Farm animals - sheep, cow, pigs
  • Birds - owls, toucans, penguins, baby chick
  • Pets - Siamese cat, black cat, calico kittens, stylized cat, cats on sticks, guinea pig
  • Reptiles & Fish - alligator, snakes, lizard, turtle, fish
  • Other Critters - mouse, lady bugs, caterpillar 

I was surprised to see the amount and variety of animal & critter river rocks I've painted since I've picked up the rock art hobby a few years ago. What a menagerie!

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