Monday, October 15, 2007

Healing Art

The cute critters that I’ve created from painting rocks and simple stones bring smiles to everyone who sees them, especially my mother and her visitors at the nursing home.

My Mom looks forward to receiving a small package in the mail containing a new critter. Whenever I paint a large piece (which is too heavy for my frail mother), I also paint a smaller one weighing a few ounces which can fit in Mom’s hand. She adds each animal, flower, pet, or house to her collection which is kept safe in her bedside drawer. She brings out her rock art gifts of animals, flowers, pets, and houses for visitors; they know to ask her about any new pieces she’s received.

The routine and boredom of nursing home life is broken by a simple rock that has been enlivened using artful painting techniques. Hopefully, the painted rocks and stones bring smiles to everyone who sees them and assures my mother of how much I care for her even though I live thousands of miles away.


  1. Beautiful idea, what a loving, healing thing to do! One caveat though...also be mindful not to gift rocks to recipients who may be far in to dementia who could possibly throw the rocks not knowing what they're doing. My Mother-In-Law commonly threw things at her nurses, not knowing what she was doing. I wouldn't want harm to come to another person, a window, furniture, etc. Just saying...

    1. Polly, Thank you for your tip about gifting rocks to dementia patients who may throw them. It also occurred to me that rocks painted as food may end up in a patient's mouth so care should be taken with those also.