Thursday, September 24, 2015

Nail Art Brushes - A Great Set of Tools for Painting Details on Rocks

It has been suggested to me that nail art brushes are wonderful when painting details on rocks. You know what? It makes sense! Fingernails are a tiny canvas, so it follows that brushes used for nail art would work on rocks too.

I purchased this inexpensive, 15-piece nail art brush set to give them a try.

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There were other sets available but they shipped from China and I was willing to pay the extra shipping cost to have it originate in the U.S.

(I've been told that nail art brushes purchased on Ebay and shipped from China take approximately 10 days to receive and you're able to track the package (if it states the item is shipped via "epacket"). I have not verified this information for myself.)

Contents of My Nail Art Brush Set
  • 3 Drawing Tools
  • 7 Painting Tools
  • 2 Liners
  • 1 Dotting Tool
  • 2 Fan brushes
  • Plastic storage case

The Tests

I started off with this small rock for my first test of the brushes...

...and used a design from "The Chinese Brush Painting Bible" and 3 of the brushes - a liner, flat painter, and pointed drawing tool. I was quite happy with the results.

Design Painted with 3 Nail Art Brushes Only

For my second test, I used an even smaller rock...

...and chose another design from "The Chinese Brush Painting Bible." This time I used only 2 brushes - the flat painter and a longer drawing brush. Once again, I was quite pleased with the nail art brush results.

Design Painted with 2 Nail Art Brushes Only

Here's a side-by-side look at the two rocks I painted using only 4 of the nail art brushes.

Alternative Use for the Nail Art Dotting Tool

I already have several dotting tools and the one included in the set is quite tiny. Instead of dots, I use this tool to secure small rocks when they're being sealed. (In the past I would use toothpicks to hold the stone in place while I was sealing it.)

Dotting Tool Used to Secure Rock While Sealing

My Conclusion

Nail art brushes ARE a great tool for rock painting details. Even if I never use all the brushes in the set, the price is low enough to justify the purchase based on my results. And, you can never have enough brushes. Right? 

Videos - How to Use Nail Art Brushes

I found these two videos very helpful explaining how each nail art brush/tool can be used.

Note: When you click on certain links in this post, I may receive a commission for the purchase of products.

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